Select Bully Sticks Are Here

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo....

Always trying to find long lasting and healthy chews for my dogs and my client’s dogs. Lo and behold, the holidays came early when fresh off the busy UPS truck delivery came this container of the thickest select bullies I’ve ever seen —  and just in time for the holidays. Did you know that chewing is a great way to dissipate excess energy, anxiety as well as let your dog know how much you care. Not just for teething puppies, although really great for that, bully sticks are the #1 chew around here. And these thick ones are great all on their own or jammed into a wide variety of dog toys.

six or nine inches
2 great sizes -- 6 and 9"

And for a limited time offer, order 50 or more and GET FREE SHIPPING. That’s right, anyone who orders 50 or more bully sticks between now and December 31 is entitled to free shipping OR 20% off any future orders. Just be sure to mention it in the comments section or shoot me an email to confirm and buy with confidence. CLICK FOR PRICE LIST and come on over to THE STORE.

Bully sticks do not expire or go bad, keep well indoors or out, and are the number one stocking stuffer or gift under the Hanukah bush for your canine companions! Buy some today!

Don’t forget BULLY BONES as well!

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