Pootie Pads

Lest you think I am exclusive to dogs, think again. Cats rule — Grace and Tank are useful in helping socialize dogs to their feline brethren. So when I learned about the heavily catnip infused quilted Pootie Pads produced by sisters Ann and Sara Reed of Portland, Oregon, I had to get me some. Five pootie pads later, with 100% positive feedback from the lucky beta testers — Grace, Tank, Frankie, Jack and Bremec Garden Center‘s resident cat, I was honored to learn I had become their first wholesale customer. So get in your advance orders for these one of a kind, beautifully crafted and cat-alicious quilts. Each will come with a bottle of Catnip spray refresher although the catnip sewn inside lasts quite awhile — hot tip…gently crush the catnip on occasion to release.

The Dumm cats enjoy their pootie pad madness!

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