Picking Perfect Puppies

While it’s usually summertime when I’m inundated with new puppy training, somehow the word is getting out that doing The 7 P’s (proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance) is a great way to help individuals, couples or families acquire the right make and model of puppy to be the dog of their dreams, whatever their dreams may be. And so I’m being inundated with a flurry of pet and service dog candidates that are selected based on a fantasy wish list compiled by all family members to define the wants/needs based on lifestyle, environment, goals, experience, etc.

When an individual/couple or family already has a dog that might not be the right make and model, for whatever reason, and a decision is made that there needs to be a break-up, I help counsel them through that process. I believe taking the responsibility to find the right home for the dog is paramount to considering the right make and model for immediate or long term future considerations.

As rain falls today in a practically vertical fashion to more overtly remind us that summer is over and fall is truly here, taking new puppies out for potty breaks cheerfully is a daunting but necessary task! Just remember your umbrella, your cheerful mood, and contemplate an outdoor place that might offer a bit of shelter!

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