Part III of 3: The Intimate Dinner Party Dog

It isn’t that Lily wants to necessarily eat alone, but Lily, an Intimate Dinner Party Dog, doesn’t cotton to too many dogs, even more so as she matures (she’s a womanly 8 now).

The Intimate Dinner Party Dog (IDPD) might like other resident dogs, and might even have a good friend or two, but isn’t graceful in a moderate or large group situations. Some IDPD’s might be victimized and really be miserable, but others, like Lily, can become downright bitchy and aggressive, despite proper socialization and the best of intentions.

Some temperaments are more a result of nature than nurture and so, with respect to the more introverted dog (at least with respect to other dogs; Lily does love most people and is an affection monger in the most delicate of ways), I say manage that they don’t have to be put in positions of stress socially and look for other ways to brag about their other accomplishments.

Something to think about if you’re looking to add a dog to your life — know their preferences for dinner!

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