New Year Aspirations

Welcome to a New Year!

Rather than becoming resolute about making resolutions I have decided instead to aspire to have aspirations as it seems much less stressful. And one of my aspirations is to reduce the level of stress in my life! In reducing this stress I don’t even feel the least bit stressed about not getting to this until the 11th day of the new year. So far, so good.

I never went through a phase in my life where I said, “when I grow up I want to be a soft goods manufacturer” but lo and behold, having had the epiphany nearly 3 years ago to follow through on a great idea into a marketable product this is exactly what one part of my life has turned into.

My little idea of a no pull harness and backpack, aka Har-Vest, is mushrooming despite myself. From local to national and possibly beyond, I’m hoping to add to the resume of my life a successful venture in the marketing of what I truly believe to be an amazing product that I am proud to spawned! Keep posted in the coming months on news and if you happen to see anything out there in your travels…let me know with an email!

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