My Own Homage To Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Party

Back in a November post it first came up. My aversion to being in large crowds as I age. Even in my fair town of Cleveland. My experience with large crowds on a historical level usually had to do with attending rock concerts when much younger and I have fond memories of those days of the bands of my youth (which will give you a hint as to my age!) — PINK FLOYD, YES, THE GRATEFUL DEAD, LED ZEPPELIN, even PETE SEEGER and ARLO GUTHRIE generated large crowds of sweaty youth. When I was of that age, I didn’t mind. I embraced the chaos. But now..eek, I need less stimulation, not more!I can pay homage to the inductees of this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event by listening to my ipod playlist while out on a gorgeous sunny spring afternoon walking my dogs, using their accompaniment while taking in the transition of one season to the next. To my mind, this is the distillation of the true essence of music — an auditory exposure that can frame memories, life experiences, moods and denouements. I appreciate that I can make mine be all encompassing sensory experiences. And to that I tip my hat to this year’s inductees for sharing the gift of music to those who can appreciate it:

Jeff Beck
Bill Black
Wanda Jackson
DJ Fontana
Little Anthony & The Imperials
Spooner Oldham
Bobby Womack

Thanks. Enjoy the kudos. You deserve it!

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