My Biggest Mistake

Owner of A Better Pet learned to trust her instincts on marketing

Posted by Marcia Pledger/Plain Dealer Reporter December 07, 2008
Categories: Biggest Mistake
Roadell Hickman, Photographer/The Plain Dealer


I actually think my biggest mistake was not checking my hair before Roadell the PD photographer came to take my picture (I liked this photo slightly more than the one they used in the paper! But Bean, even in winter scruff, looks good!)

But in all seriousness, I think having to think about mistakes, big and small, and learning from them, can be of course applied to the nature of positive training. If timing is poor with a clicker, no one gets hurt. Sadly, with a punitive approach, a +P take on punishing the dog for making the wrong choice, sometimes poor timing or inappropriate “corrections” can in fact make for bigger problems than the one you were correcting in the first place.

More on that soon. I’m sure! For now, it’s back to helping Sophie with her science fair project which of course includes the dogs. I’ll be posting those results soon too! Stay tuned.

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