Meet The New Kid

Cosette Gotcha Day!

Fall is in the air. Summer vacations for most are already over. Schools are back in session. It seems there’s an extraordinary amount of scary stuff going on — fires, floods, hurricanes, war trauma, pandemic chaos, those same schools in session maybe having to readjust, 20th anniversary of 9/11 just ahead — to name a few.  There’s a definite different slanting to the sun. But for me, there is a consistency, a pattern. This time of year, beginning part of fall — September and October — is my personal favorite. Especially for puppy raising.

My youngest daughter officially moved out and away almost two weeks ago. I admit I settled pretty quickly into empty nesting, knowing all 3 daughters are just where they should be and doing amazing, extraordinary, adulting sorts of things.  I felt confident I could direct even more of my energy towards my passion, the work I do helping people partner with dogs and then teaching them how to carry on to get their mojo, either for the first time, or back, and look forward to adventures with unconditional love and support alongside. So I needed a new project!

Baby Nell

Somewhat impulsively, but not surprising to those who know me well, I acquired Cosette, an 11 week old Springerdoodle — in her case an English Springer Spaniel mom (Paris) and a Blue Merle Standard Poodle (Boone) cross. She is adjusting into a whole new world. She’s being inundated with lots of new experiences. The Dogs of A Better Pet – Franny, Shamrock and Pinto – independently and under my direction, model what she needs to learn at home and in yard before she expands her social settings. These include public access outings replicating the typical things people do as well as being a dog out and about in the world in general, indoors and out. But for now she’s just starting her 3rd full day.  Attended 2 DIPs. Another on the roster soon. Already learning how to eat out of a kong. So far she’s met 10 new dogs of different ages and sizes and energies, along with 10 people. And the 3 cats including baby recent rescue kitten Nell. Cosette has learned how to go up and down all stairs in and out of the house, in and out the dog door, and into crate on cue. She and rescue kitten, Nell, the same age, are also gentle with each other. She’s getting lots of love and affection and learning new things by the minute.

Stay tuned for updates on Cosette (and Nell, the other new kid!).

Introducing Cosette the Springerdoodle Service Dog Prospect from Rachel Friedman, MSW, LISW on Vimeo.