Lecture Series Session 2: Bereavement & Pet Loss


Bringing our hearts into a relationship with another species whose life expectancy is relatively short certainly stacks the odds that you will experience the loss of a companion animal. Whether the relationship was obvious to anyone, each person grieves differently. When the need arises to process those stages of grief that are natural, normal experiences during our life cycle, sometimes there isn’t an open avenue — friends and family aren’t really there for you in this matter. To that end, developing a single 90 minute bereavement group seemed like a good idea. Getting the sign ups has been a challenge, marketing not being a truly solid strength quite yet.

Having gone through my own recent loss of a beloved companion animal of 10 years, I am well aware of the lingering images of memory that are triggered by the simple day to day experiences. And I have no reservation finding appropriate outlets to channel the grief from this loss.

Please sign up and join me in this open circle group discussion. If nothing else, you might find an empathic community healing. Advanced registration is required and deadline for minimum sign up (5) is April 26th. Otherwise this session will be rescheduled for a later date.

Thursday, April 29  6:30 – 8 pm.
Cost: R – $30 / $40 Family  N-Res $35 per person / $45 Family
This 90 minute group will be moderated by Rachel Friedman, MSW, LISW. This will be a group experience allowing people opportunity to discuss issues of pet loss in a nurturing, supportive environment. Active participation is encouraged but not required. LOCATION: Brush H.S. Registration through SELREC. M-F, 8:30 – 4:30 216] 691-2246

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