Har-Vest Yields 12/12/12

Har-Vest: 3-in-1 Backpack for Dogs was born out of inspiration and need and gave birth to my inventive entrepreneurial spirit within the dog world. It was simple. Merge a no-pull harness with a functional, durable and attractive vest/backpack. Minimize the amount of equipment a developing puppy would need to endure and yet enhance training, socialization and control using positive methods. Beyond original conception, Har-Vest also had the added benefit of calming the unruly dog and increasingly confidence in the overwhelmed dog. And suddenly, here we are, hundreds if not thousands of dogs later on 12/12/12. And I realize it was 12 years ago this month that the inspiration began. And, to honor the beloved 12 days of Christmas, not to mention we’re in the middling stage of Chanukah, with numerology and light all around, I thought it a great day to highlight some of Har-Vest’s benefits and features.

The Top 12 Reasons Why Har-Vest is Great for Pet and Working Dogs:

1. Allows people greater control in training and maintaining loose leash walking habits in untrained dogs using positive and non force based methods.

2. Great way to make dog useful — place to safely store useful stuff in zippered side pockets  — poop bags, keys, digital cameras, wallets, water bottles, dog treats, etc.

3. Handle allows person with need for balance or stability needs to get that support.

4. Handle allows person with dog who has balance or stability issues to give that support (up stairs, into vehicle, etc.).

5. Handle allows person with aggressive dog to aid in safe control and thus help in rehab without putting body parts in danger from gnashing teeth.

6. Properly and snugly fitted, Har-Vest has remarkable calming qualities helping bring together the mind/body from a disconnect — from overwhelmed to overwhelming

7. Built to last out of high quality parts, Har-Vest will last for years. Machine washable, drip dry. Good as new.

8. Comes in a variety of colors to suit many needs.

9. Comes in a variety of sizes with fully removable, adjustable and swappable straps to accomodate even those most oddly shaped canine.

10. Helps identify your dog to avoid public access problems when working out in the world.

11. Helps visually brand your dog as a therapy adjunct in formal settings (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)

12. Allows visibility of dog from great distances when doing off leash work. Great for hunters, hikers, campers, outdoorsy people.

Mmm. I feel better!

Own a Har-Vest. Share your thoughts. If you have another reason why Har-Vest is the “Har-best”, please share them. Learn more and buy a Har-Vest here. Question? E-mail. Here’s to another great dozen years! To keep up to date on specials, Like our Facebook Fan Page.

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