Happy Birthday Bubbles

Developing her feathering tresses, bulking up and settling in with the greatest of ease, Bubbles turns 1. It was great to celebrate (albeit a day early) with her and her family on the shores of Lake Erie. First, a practice recall session and reminder of permission to go play (with the stalwart and reliable role model, Bean, along for the gig) with just adults on the beach. Moody skies erupted into rain and wind, ah, Cleveland weather, then some hanging out at home. Filled up bob-a-lots, practiced game of “go to” cues with mom, dad and Sam and had the pleasure of watching Bubbles and Sam show an even deeper level of relating than just a week or two ago. Bubbles has taught Sam, gently and patiently and with her own brand of humor, how to engage with her in the best ways and Sam has responded by handling her with great gentleness and affection — both obvious and subtle. Enjoyed hearing lots of giggles and seeing sly smiles, as well as increased efforts to get Bubbles to respond to his cues (working on eye contact — a difficult task for children on the autism spectrum!).

All in all, a reason to celebrate this indomitable spirit that is Bubbles.


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