“Go to Your Bed”

Last night I bought myself new summer sheets. 500 thread count cotton ones. Now the sheets are washed and placed on my bed and I can hardly wait until bedtime when I can crawl between them and see if my dreams improve.

Long before I dared splurge (I did have a discount coupon on top of a sale price so the price was very reasonable) on my own bedding, I confess I have often indulged my own dogs. I have bought round beds, square beds, corner beds. Big puffy beds, beds with bolsters, beds with attached pillows. Solid colors and patterns. Beds covered in polartec fleece, cotton, faux sheepskin, corduroy. Mostly I try to find beds with removable washable covers. I always find big beds so they can be shared. Sometimes it’s nice even to sleep near the bed.

Training a dog to “go to bed” or some variation can be very handy. I think it helps if the bed is cozy, comfy, and desired as a place of goodness by the dog. You don’t have to break the piggy bank to afford one either. If you look around, and you don’t have to look all that hard, dog beds are easy to find and can be very affordable.

Help encourage your dog to go to his bed and have all manner of goodness happen there. Treats, chewies, belly scritches, massages, “good pup” comments happen on these soft cozy places and before long, your dog will go there regularly. Get your dog to think, “when in doubt, I go to my soft cozy place”. That way when you have company, or you’re busy, your beloved dog has a reliable and happy place to go.

And now to bed. Happy dreaming.

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