Dog Training Do’s & Dont’s


DON’T put your dog in a situation you or he are not prepared to handle.

DON’T turn a rude puppy or dog loose with an intolerant adult dog.

DON’T expect your dog to like every dog she meets (at least until you like every person you meet).

DON’T allow your dog to become over excited or rude — help him find a more appropriate behavior or remove him briefly from the triggering situation.

DON’T allow other people to allow their dogs to be rude to your dog.

DON’T ignore your dog or what your dog tells you about her feelings.

DON’T punish a dog for reminding a puppy to mind his manners.

DON’T let your training or competition goals overwhelm your good sense — always be fair to your dog.



DO respect the fact that your dog has a need for and a right to protect her personal space.

DO socialize your dog so that he’s wise in the ways of other dogs.

DO accept and expect the inexplicable disliking that your dog may have for another dog.

DO build your dog’s tolerance levels through repeated, positive experiences.

DO continually educate yourself regarding normal and appropriate canine behavior in any given situation.

DO plan ahead to how you will handle difficult situations, people or dogs.

DO earn your dog’s trust by keeping your promise to protect her.

DO pay attention to your dog when you are with him.

DO insist that your dog behave politely.

DO respect that your dog’s individual needs may or may not be in line with your training or competition goals.

DO put your dog first — all your hopes, dreams, titles and goals all mean nothing if you ignore the needs, fears and realities of who your dog is.

DO honor and respect your dog’s concerns, whether or not you share them. (Remember how your mom left the light in the hall on at night when you were a kid? It probably wasn’t because she was afraid of the dark.)

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