Continued saga of The Six Pillars path

Dashboard Springer flaunts his flora and fauna

Taking a proactive role in one’s life — setting up for success [versus waiting to be disappointed by perceived failure of various proportions yet reacting with negativity without having realized it’s YOUR FAULT because you failed to figure out what you want at any given time] permeates well beyond the dog training exploits that wend their ways in various forms into the The Six Pillars Approach to Dog Training.

I guess I’m just relieved I finally got The Book up online for a beta group of clients for fine tuning before making it available for sale.

Concurrently, serendipitous events of momentous importance to the direction of my company as I enter the 13th year of business keep happening like lightening strikes. Sheesh, A Better Pet LLC is in deep meditation prior to the bar mitzvah equivalent for a business entity!

Back to the living lab that is my life for further studies.

Stay tuned for The Story of Dolly “Poppins”…my own personal Turning Point.

Dolly "Poppins"


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