Can I share something? I’m ridiculously exciting about my new online puppy course!

owner giving dog treat outside

My new online puppy and adolescent dog training courses start Saturday and I just can’t wait. I’ll tell you why.

Throughout the course of my 20-year career in working with pets and their people, I’ve taught puppy and adolescent dog training classes in a variety of places—outdoors and indoors, clients’ backyards, church basements, veterinarian’s lobbies, the list goes on. I also used to teach these classes remotely using different technology.

This pandemic has asked me to revisit and reconsider a lot of things. With in-person training not realistic for many, and with all that I’ve learned using ZOOM to continue offering private training sessions to my clients, I’ve discovered that it’s an absolutely fantastic platform for this type of dog training instruction. The ability to see and hear in real time makes this platform perform almost the same as in-person training, but the real gem is the ability to record the training sessions so clients can revisit and watch the entire session or key components at a later time—as often as they want. I realize the incredible value in this feature when it comes to learning something entirely new.

Not only that, but I truly appreciate the technology’s ability to bring together individuals from anywhere—broadening the reach of the A Better Pet community, as well as allowing those to participate who might never have been able to make an in-person training, whether that’s due to the current pandemic risks or not.

I’m grateful for having rediscovered the abilities of this platform to bring us together, and I’m truly giddy to begin this new online 6-week course for Puppy and Adolescent Dog Training, which starts this Saturday, June 13th and is offered via ZOOM. There’s a few spots left, I hope you’ll join me!

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