Bubbles 6 week Review – Edging into Adolescence

March begins with strong sun but cold temperatures. A conflict of desire. Do I want the warm up that will = melting snow and ice. Add the melt to an already over-saturated yard equals unquantifiable mud. Add in 4 dogs in residence and a steady stream of canine visitors and it could be a disaster.

I fear Bubbles is in the same quandary heralding the segue from puppyhood to early adolescence. One day she’s the sweet little cooperative pup reveling in attention, seeking petting and reliably doing a multiple set of directions. The next she stares back splay legged giving defiant looks of “I don’t think so” and attitude. The next she’s all emotional and afraid of her shadow and skittish.  Then back to confident, defiant and mischievous.

I’ve gone through this before with both dogs and daughters. Now, however, I have both species to contend with. I do a lot of deep breathing — muttering “this too shall pass” under my breath, and when time permits, and I find the right motivator, cooperation returns and I see light at the end of the tunnel. And just in time for spring!

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