Bubbles – 12 week review

This week marks 12 weeks since Bubbles landed in Cleveland from sunny southern California.  What has she learned?

She has almost tripled in size, is house trained,  crate trained and has become quite cuddly without being overbearing.

She has learned how to sit, lay down, come (touch) despite most distractions, stay, walk nicely on a leash, lie contentedly doing nothing in very difficult environments, and begun playing fetch with a variety of objects — balls, stuffed animals and chewies. I credit Har-Vest with helping her develop internalized self control and she has gone from XS to small…a medium size not too far off as her growth spurt is kicking in.

Returning from an outing.

She has met dozens of dogs, hundreds of people of all ages, sizes, colors and energy levels and befriended a variety of cats. She has travelled in the cabin of an airplane cross country, ridden in the front, middle and back of various cars and walked on a variety of surfaces.

Queen of the Hill

She has encountered snow, ice, sleet, rain, mud, puddles, mulch, sand, gravel and likes to play queen of the hill.

She has met her future boy and shown a calm aptitude that he is going to be hers.

Lengthening days, warming temps and increasing adventures has brought her a widening fan club.

Gone are the frustrations at the endless snow, the delayed maturation and unruly adolescent challenging. Bubbles, you are truly a wonderful pup. I look forward to the next months together and your ultimate transition to your future life.

Learning "fetch" from Trip.

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