Board and Train — All aboard!

Choo choo!

The abrupt change from summer to a stunning fall has hit us here in Cleveland, OH. The National Election madness is inundating all media in abundance here as Ohio is a significant state, often determining elections. Anyone not completely off the grid can’t help getting reminded of that on a regular basis! Depending on what poll you read, the race between incumbent President Barack Obama versus Republican Challenger Mitt Romney, is very close with the election 4 weeks from today.

I often watch their speeches with the volume off to read body language. Reading body language allows the truth to come through. What is said is often twisting of facts, outright lies, hopeful dreams and negative slants against their opponent. That’s politics. But the body language, the eye contact, the little quirks, often reveal what is going on within the soul.

What does this have to do with dog training? Well, everything in my universe has to do with dog training. I have written before, many times, on the value of learning how to read dogs and their body language — calming signals — to both anticipate what might happen to avoid conflict as well as to set up for success and avoid failure. Somehow I must be doing something right because I’m keeping pretty busy wrangling a whole lotta dogs. Puppies, adults, seniors. Large, medium and small. Dogs who are overwhelmed by life; dogs who are overwhelming to those in their life. And all I do is try to help teach others how to take the benevolent control and develop the confidence to become benevolent leaders.

While a private in home training is my first level of recommended attack, even before a group class if possible, there are additional options for dog owners available at A Better Pet.  I’ve written about it before! And with a new holiday season approaching, reservations for boarding and training clients are on the uptick! Board & Train service, available in 3, 7 and 14 day packages,  is a way to jump start, further develop, enhance or maintain dogs who are striving to become a better pet for their families. Enjoy Hazel’s video from her Board & Train. If you want to schedule one for your own dog or dogs, I say, get your reservations in soon!

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