Don’t miss our Black Friday deal—10% off EVERYTHING through Fri., Dec. 4

As a small business owner, I usually don’t get many opportunities to offer big sales—I don’t deal in high quantities, and my profit margins aren’t that large. Yet, 2020 has been such an upheaval for everyone that I thought I could extend a special savings opportunity to help make A Better Pet products and services accessible to all. Continuing all week, A Better Pet’s Black Friday special gives you 10% off EVERYTHING A Better Pet sells: all products and services. 

This includes all our products:
PLUS our services (which you can purchase now and schedule to use at your convenience):

Simply use coupon code HOLIDAY10% at checkout. This site-wide sale continues through midnight on Friday, Dec. 4. I hope this provides you with an opportunity to stock up on quality dog-training products and services for you and everyone on your list. Happy Holidays!