A Better Pet’s Covid Winter (to date)

Franny is a mom again! Meet her daughter Pinto in the video below.

Interested in using up the rest of winter and the beginning of spring Tuesdays joining our zoom based discussion on puppy raising these newborn but already growing puppies of Super Puppy Springerdoodles? 


I will be offering this discussion group for 8 consecutive weeks beginning Tuesday, Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 2021 from 7:30-8:30 pm (EST). Join for one, a few or all of these discussions by registering (and running through the first Tuesday of Spring, March 23, 2021. I reserve the right to skip a week somewhere in the middle so I cannot even say if we’re doing a full 8 or just 7 over the next 8 weeks. But this Tuesday is the first one that you can register and sign up for ( MEETING ZOOM INVITATION -registration). I may initially be limiting participation to the first 20 zoom requests that come into the waiting room but you only need register once. Stay tuned for updates on subsequent discussions but #2 will be Feb. 9th.  Want to be on the A Better Pet mailing list? If you have not yet done so, go ahead sign up at our MAILING LIST SIGN UP.

NOTE: The Super Puppy Raising Discussion Sessions will be recorded and made available at a later date (TBD) for viewing.

Super Puppy Raising Discussion from Rachel Friedman, MSW, LISW on Vimeo.