Art Takes Many Forms — Here’s one

I went to a lovely dinner party the other night and, as is often the case, the hosts were former clients of mine. Their two dogs, a most serene yellow lab named Boomer and an irrepressible bichon bolognese named Gracie, were delighted that in lieu of wine or salad I brought dog chews.

Gracie had settled in after arriving into their lives several months earlier and was fulfilling their desire to be a soft lap dog with the panache to work the dog door, eliminate in the right place, and help entertain Boomer.

She also had developed alter egos in the form of a paper mache creation and a soft purse that if you weren’t looking carefully could be thought of as a real dog! But the real pleasure other than great food and company is seeing how an awkward unmannered dog can integrate into a home and not only be a delightful companion for her people, but to be a charming hostess as well for company coming into the home.

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