Another Reason I Love Zappos

I just had to make a note that the positive dog training movement is even infiltrating the error pages of super cool online stores like Zappos. Not sure if you can read the text but when zipping around too fast on one of my favorite online stores (just upgraded my memory from 512K to 2 gig and the “computer on steroids” takes some adjusting for someone with quick clicking/typing fingers!) this came up and here’s what it says:

Egads! We’re Sorry!
It appears we’re experiencing an internal server error.
We thought we’d try out this new-fangled “Brisco Dog 5000” server system. Unfortunately it sometimes goes haywire when the mailman walks by. Rest assured, our team is working closely with Brisco to fix the problem and will have it resolved shortly.
Usually it just requires doggie treats to fix! In the meantime, try checking out:
Zappos Homepage or Zappos Site Map or Zappos Customer Service Center
(or) Try a Search

Under the photo of the dog, it says:
No animals were harmed in the making of these error pages.
(mildly embarrassed by being dressed up in silly clothing, but not hurt in any way.)

Think about it. Savor it. The media messages coming out have tipped to showing the humor and benefit and goodness of positive orientation. Kudos, Zappos! (try typing that ten times real fast! Who knows where it might zap you!).

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