Ah, becoming a manufacturing expert

I remember from very early in my life a passion for all things animal and thought for a long time I wanted to be a veterinarian. Social science won over natural science and by the ripe old age of 31 I had acquired a diploma from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work declaring me a master’s level social worker. I even managed to spend some time at the University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School where I got to meet people I continue to greatly respect — Alan Beck, now of Purdue, and Karen Overall.

Who know that a mere 18 years later I would be developing a skill set in the patent game as well as contemplating woven tag samples while wearing my soft goods manufacturing hat!

But here I am, one year post patent, doing that very task as I prepare for a new manufacturing batch of Har-Vests! So I’ve given the green light to produce 1,000 new tags. Let the manufacturing cycle begin!

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