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Are you looking to have a conversation with an experienced dog trainer to address your specific questions, ideas and concerns? If you’re seeking advice before you get a dog, before you train a service dog, about your dog’s end-of-life care, or any other specific questions, these private consultations can give you the answers—and peace of mind—you’re looking for.


With a background as a licensed independent social worker since 1991 and a full-time professional pet and service dog trainer since 2000, A Better Pet Owner Rachel Friedman is well-equipped to help you navigate the choices you’re looking to make in regards to your current or future dog.


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Just some of the subjects you can address with Rachel through a private consultation include:

  • How to assess a dog breeder (30-minute session recommended)
  • How to temperament-test a puppy while at a breeder’s or discuss who a breeder is and what they do (30-minute session recommended)
  • Choosing the right “make and model”: choosing a new dog by breed or breed type that will have the right temperament and alignment for your and your family’s needs and lifestyle (60-minute session recommended)
  • Assessing whether a current pet dog will likely be able to successfully transition to a working service dog (60-minute session recommended)
  • How a service dog can help meet your specific needs: what is a realistic expectation and what can—and can’t—a potential service dog do for you? (60- or 90-minute session recommended)
  • Discussing upfront the realities and requirements of successfully training your own service dog (60- or 90-minute session recommended)
  • Pet end-of-life support and euthanasia assistance (90-minute session recommended)
  • Bereavement services (60- or 90-minute session recommended)


Choose from 30-, 60- and 90-minute sessions based on the recommendations above:

30 minutes — $75

60 minutes — $150 *MOST POPULAR*

90 minutes —$225


Have general questions about training your current dog—or working through a current issue such as barking, potty training, leash manners, crate training, etc.? Try our private 4-hour online dog-training option.


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Length of consult

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