Online Private 6 Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom (4-hours)


Work one-on-one with Rachel—from anywhere in the world—through this personalized, four-hour online dog training program!

Over the course of two sessions, spaced one to two weeks apart, you can collaborate with experienced dog trainer, licensed independent social worker and A Better Pet founder Rachel Friedman.

Working with your unique dog and with your specific needs in mind, you will learn the foundations of successful, positive-methodology dog training and how you can immediately begin putting it to use to transform your dog or puppy into a better pet!


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Rachel’s user-friendly, formulaic approach teaches you the art and science of her positive training methodology and helps you become the “benevolent leader” in your loving relationship with your dog.

 Are you looking for an overarching way to train your dog to be a better-behaved pet? Are you struggling with a new puppy, or just looking for sound guidance to ensure you raise your new pup right?

 Perhaps you’re struggling with a specific concern, such as moving your pet to a new home, acclimating your dog to a new baby or other pets, trying to potty- or crate-train, or looking to address specific bad behaviors such as barking, leash-pulling, not behaving appropriately in public or not socializing well with other people or dogs.

 This personalized four-hour training will bring your goals and desires to the forefront and give you the training you need to work through both general and specific concerns to teach your dog how to behave the way you want—and provide you with the knowledge to continue training and evolving your dog’s good behavior over the entire lifetime of your relationship! Rachel’s approach teaches you not only how to achieve specific desired behaviors now, but also how to apply her training methodology to address any future challenges or new behavior goals!

These online sessions are just as effective as in-person trainings, but with the online Zoom platform, you get the added value of receiving the recordings so you can review all content at any point in the future.

 This training involves two sessions: the first is two and a half hours, wherein you can introduce yourself and your dog to Rachel and share your goals and concerns, and be introduced to Rachel’s approach to positive methods for dog training. You’ll learn, review and practice the six pillars of dog training wisdom, and discover how they can best be applied to your specific situation and to your pup’s individual disposition. At the end of the first session, you’ll receive a list of training protocols Rachel will ask you to implement over the next few weeks.

 During the second 90-minute session, scheduled one to two weeks later, you’ll review your successes and challenges with the assigned protocols, review the methodology, answer any questions, make any necessary training and protocol adjustments, and receive final suggestions to promote good-behavior success for years to come.

 Both you and your dog will join each session so Rachel can watch your dog’s behavior and how you interact. Any other family members who take part in the raising, training and care of the dog are encouraged to join as well.

At the end of the second session, you’ll receive the recordings of both sessions, so you can review and watch again at any time.

 For those local to Northeast Ohio—and those who love to travel!—you’ll also receive a limited membership to Drop-In-Play (DIPS)—a priceless resource to connect you to Rachel and her A Better Pet community.

 After completing your purchase, you’ll receive an email from a team member to schedule your first session. Daytime, evening and weekend sessions are available and we’ll work to schedule these private sessions at a time that works well for you.




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