Pixie, 2nd of the Super Puppies, Placed!!!

First meeting

It’s official! After months of interviewing prospective service dog partners for Pixie, Franny’s youngest daughter, now one week shy of 9 months old, and so ready to be someone’s #1, is set. I am thrilled to announce an official partnership is underway as of July 7.  

Meet Kristi M., Pixie’s new partner. They begin their relationship with the official Three Day Sleepover, scheduled for this Saturday – Tuesday. Looking forward to helping merge their partnership into one where Pixie’s presence can help Kristi re-discover her vibrant, active and confident self after a series of unfortunate events.  

Pixie, 8 1/2 months

Not only will Kristi’s 6 month training agreement help prepare her for a long adventure filled journey, but her joining the peer support group of previous and now experienced teams will be the icing on the cake. I will keep this journey documented and provide periodic updates.