More Fangshway

Last month I introduced the concept of Fang Shway as:

(Fang)The part used to bite (think both literally & metaphorically)
(Shway)A Sure Way when dealing with dogs
Deeper Understanding Towards Developing The Dog(s) of Your Dreams.

It all started as I contemplated how to take the epiphany of putting together knowledge, acquired from a lifetime of learning and experience, and figuring out how best to present it in a palatable, workable, logical and visual form that could stand alone as a guide towards you how to shape your dog into the dog you want, not a litany of “I don’t want’s”, as well as a reality of what’s involved to achieve that goal. An empowerment to help people do much on their own, but also recognize when the need exists to call in professional help.

Thus was born the book I’m writing, THE SIX PILLARS OF DOG TRAINING WISDOM:A Proactive Approach to a Deeper Understanding Towards Developing the Dog of Your Dreams. Using mnemonics, visual aids, a detailed glossary, pictures, case examples, metaphors, resources and more — videos will certainly be making it online — the book is hoped to be a resource for trainers at any level.

Much of the process of writing requires a very different discipline than doing dog training sessions. It’s not easy for me, but over time, I have gotten much better at tuning out distractions and increasing the productivity of written material over long chunks of time, even in my working space which used to be nearly impossible. I spend much of my thinking applying the terms I’m fleshing out in the book to my own day to day to assess how I incorporate The Six Pillars into everything in my life.
The above paragraph incorporates several pillars. See if you can figure out which ones with the clues below. I double dog dare you.

The 6 Pillars consist of 2 sets of 3. Set one is The Three D’s. Set two is what I call SMT.
3 D’s: Distraction, Distance, Duration
SMT: Structure, Management, Training

Just remember, in life, if you take every interaction as a teachable moment, you can really learn a lot.

More on The Six Pillars Coming Soon!

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