Lola Rehab Update

Back at the end of October I discussed the Rehab of Lola. I’m here to give an update.

While I fully expected a relapse, I have been pleasantly surprised by what I would call a nearly complete recovery. I’m not yet sure until spring how much the endlessly cold and snowy weather has contributed to her suddenly affectionate, sweet and dare I say cheerfulness at home, even when even bigger and ruder Byrne tries to annoy her (photo of Byrne after his first intro to cat nip)

Lola comes when called from outside to inside (although she doesn’t go out every day when it’s very very cold and only goes out for brief forays on the less frigid ones) and continues to wear a bell on her collar in part to help remind me I’m trying to pay attention to her whereabouts to gauge her increased assimilation into the dogs, other cats, kids and any visitors. While there is still the occasional deep growl of what I call her disturbia, she has not swiped, hissed at people (face it, Byrne deserves it), scratched, bitten or otherwise exhibited behaviors that put her in rehab in the first place AND she’s soliciting appropriate affection and spending more time with the group instead of off on her own although she still loves sleeping on my daughter’s top bunk. I see that time frame as a way to help her assimilate all these wonderful improvements in her outlook on life and behavior. I’m very proud of her and can’t wait to see if it holds over this spring. Actually, Lola aside, I can’t wait until it is spring!

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