Introducing The Bready Bunch

Introducing The Bready Bunch

It’s nearly 2/3 of the way through summer of 2023 already.  It’s been well over a year since my last  blog entry. So much has happened. Keeping up with my blog wasn’t one of them. My spring 2022 into spring 2023 projects, Radish and Wren, have both been successfully partnered. They bring their heart and skills to their partnerships. I still mourn for Franny, whose untimely passing was referenced the last time 2 times I posted. And I still have Shamrock and Pinto, a puppy from each of Franny’s two litters. Shamrock will be 5 in October. Pinto is 2 1/2.


Nearly two weeks ago, and born a week early, Pinto delivered 6 puppies in the wee hours of August 2. Four males, 2 females. Sadly the smallest puppy, what some call the runt, we called him Focaccia, passed away at 3 days old. We think it was from a pulmonary embolism. It was terribly sad and we returned him to the earth. Very pleased, however, at the robustness and steady growth and roundness of the surviving 5.  In order of birth: Rye (male), Brioche (female), Bialy (male), Pumpernickel (Nickel, male) and Poppyseed (Poppy – female). The Bready Bunch. 


Pinto is an English Springer Spaniel x Standard Poodle cross. The father of her puppies is Tito, an 85 pound Sheepdog and Standard Poodle Mix. Both parents are sweet, gentle, sociable with other dogs and people of all ages, and have non shedding coats. Expect this litter to be between 60-70 pounds, but one can never be sure when one mixes breeds. In this particular pairing, which we are calling Olde English Springerdoodles, we are looking at temperament, health and structure. Their adorable looks and varied colorations are also attractive to consider, but when partnering for a good long loving life, we want to be sure to match these pups to the right partners


If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about whether our pups might be a good match for a therapy dog or service dog  please feel free to submit an inquiry via 


And stay tuned for various updates on social media for puppy updates, including LIVE IG  (Live Instagram) updates starting August 17 and running biweekly until they are 8 weeks old.  Make sure to follow @abetterpetter and tune in!