for private clients

Follow up from your private and/or group training that will help support greater understanding of the foundation discussed in The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom and guide you in training your dog to develop into better pets and working dogs. Updates happen now and then, so bookmark and check back if interested.

Video Resources

Introducing Clicker Training With Bosco

Teaching Down With Distractions

Touch/Go in a Challenging Environment

How to make a Kong

recommended Reading


Stages of Learning

Calming Signals

by Turid Rugaas, Norwegian Ethologist

Worthy of reading and re-reading to help you learn how to understand dog body language better.

Additional Resources

The Six Pillars Defined – recommend memorization

Dog Sensory Input / Output – helps you learn to live in a reality based world

Product Suggestions – things we like, use and recommend


Once you have gone through private/group training, you are granted access to cell phone. Please text if interested in a particular class and it will be confirmed. You will be instructed for your first DIP to text when parked and let me know you’re here and I’ll guide you in the first time.
PHONE: 216-870-7654
ADDRESS: 2553 Queenston Rd., Cleveland Heights, 44118
WAIVER  for DIPs — please fill out and return via email prior to first DIP

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