What’s Your Learning Style

Dogs have learning styles too!

Dogs have learning styles too!

The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom is a multi media approach to learning the art and science of dog training by incorporating writing in various styles (e.g., case studies, definitions, metaphors, similes, mnemonics), visuals (e.g., pictures and video clips and edited videos) and kinesthetic (direct service training & hands on exercises to help increase training skills). Knowing your dominant learning style can help make the process of dog training (and frankly, a lot of other skills!) improve measurably.

If you don’t know it, please take a look at this simple chart and follow it down to your dominant style. See if it matches what you thought before taking the quiz. Have fun, and thanks to Onlineeducation.net for the quiz! After you complete it, LIKE us on FB (if you haven’t already and you are on FB!) and let us know your style….

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