Weather Anxiety

Weather figures in life because if you’re out and about it affects decisions. Summer roared into town this morning in the shape of thunderstorms, sheets of heavy rain, cool temperatures and a kibosh on summer activities like outdoor swimming and picnicking. I like a good thunderstorm and my dogs enjoy it too. They don’t go splashing about in puddles, although my brother‘s dog Ender would find one in a desert.

But some dogs develop storm anxieties — sometimes from early puppyhood, in others it could develop later in life. Manifestations of anxiety can be as minor as a bit of panting and neediness to downright hysteria that can be debilitating.

Knowing the source of the anxiety is helpful — is it sound based? Is it the change in barometric pressure? Is the dog conducting electricity in the air and getting zapped. Does your dog seek out porcelain surfaces (bathtubs or sinks) to quell stress? Or does the dog hide in the closet and resurface only after the storm passes?

If your dog’s issues are severe, there are some remedies that can help. Training, management and the use of tools. One such tool that has proved successful is an anxiety wrap Flower essences can help too. There’s a lot of info available online. Here’s one link to get you started.

Have a safe and happy summer season. Wherever you live and whatever the weather.