Twelve Paws Up – New Product Review

The “bread and butter” of my dog training services are single session models. They are intensive, comprehensive and consist of a single, 3 hour time frame (up to 4 if more than one dog) with the client(s) and dog(s) in the home. The clinical model comes from both social work experience doing in home parenting as well as evolving over a nearly 10 year full time career as a dog trainer; I have found this model works great for most issues with dogs and business is strong even in this collapsing economy.

This single session doesn’t always lend itself to a whole lot of relationship building, which suits me fine — there are always new clients out there — but I have added an array of products for the purpose of supplementing my service based income by making available and educating people about the value of equipment, toys, diet, and chewies to enhance the human/canine bond. So it is with great excitement I announce a new find. Well, not brand new, just great stuff in a new form.

Trip, Lily and Bean give it a 12 Paws Up Award, so you know it has to be good. And here’s the real benefit: (think grade school math: If Lily can eat a 9″ bully stick without distraction in 15 minutes or less, and a bully bone takes her 45 minutes of undistracted chew to just GET OFF THE ONE END…it’s a great bang for buck product!)

Bully Bones are now available individually or in lots of 5 (essentially buy 4, get one free). If they’re as hot a product as I think they’ll be, I’ll get larger quantities and figure out pricing. Feedback always helpful to keep products useful, affordable, durable, high quality and desired by dogs of all ages and sizes.