Puppy Raising in Winter – Pros and Cons

Perhaps there is a vestige pioneer spirit from my ancestral line (Siberia anyone?) that compels me to agree to puppy raise in what is arguably the most daunting time of year here in Cleveland, Ohio (and this particular winter, in many other regions as well!).

My new golden retriever service pup in training project has been here for 1 1/2 weeks and I think we’re finally turning a corner on house training, learning basic cues (sit, down, go, stay, touch and leash manners) and getting into a routine that we can all live with. This past week has been fraught with stomach flu (myself and 2/3 of my children), strep throat (the other 1/3 child) and more snow and cold and ice. But there are some definite advantages, albeit small ones, that make puppy raising this time of year pleasurable. So I thought I’d compile a list so if and as you go through similar travails, you might be able to sort out the pluses and minuses to make things less overwhelming.

But we do manage to get out and about and have fun. Here the pup gets to go out with her new friends and practice some new skills.

So if you have the opportunity to interact with puppies in winter — whether yours or someone you know — take heart. No matter the season, there is just nothing like puppy breath!