Har-Vest & Vegan Leash Combo


Add the versatility and value of the NEW 7-foot Vegan Euroleash to your purchase of your Har-Vest and SAVE $10!


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Har-Vest®, designed by A Better Pet owner Rachel Friedman, is a wonder tool that performs all the functions of a no-pull harness, backpack, and service dog vest. Puppies trained with the Har-Vest know as soon as they don their Har-Vest, the time has come to calm down, pay attention and listen to their humans. The Har-Vest has an immediate calming effect on some dogs; others quickly associate the Har-Vest with the rewards of following commands and receiving attention and other rewards. Dog owners appreciate having pockets to stash poop bags, clickers, chew toys and other dog training equipment. 
The Vegan Euroleash, made of a biothane material that looks, feels and functions just like leather, is an update with added features to increase functionality beyond the traditional Euroleash, including a full 7 feet in length and all-brass hardware. The Vegan Euroleash has been thoughtfully designed with removable rivets so you can add accessories, a slider to lock the leash around your waist and more!  

This high-quality vegan, biothane leash has increased functionality beyond the traditional Euroleash:

  • BONUS! These leashes are 7 feet long—that’s 1 foot longer than the standard leather 6-foot Euroleash
  • All brass hardware
  • ½-inch width
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes removable rivets to add accessories
  • Slider allows you to lock leash around your waist—that’s right, you can walk your pup hands-free!
  • Clips on both ends allow you to walk 2 dogs on 1 leash
  • Excellent for use in tethering—Quickly tether your dog to a fence, pole or chair leg to manage an impulsive dog while you open your front door, grab that cup of coffee to go or stir that pot of sauce on the stove
  • Can easily clip-back to create a leash handle when needed
  • Quickly shorten leash by 1 foot if a closer distance is needed

Stylish and color-coded, the purple side makes it visually easy to recognize which end of the leash should attach to your dog, while the black end can be used to create a handle, wrap around waist for hands-free walking, shorten leash length or to tether the leash to a stationary object.

Also available is a 2-foot extension to transform this into a 9-foot leash.

We have limited quantities of these amazing new vegan Euroleashes in stock, so don’t delay—order yours today!


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