OMG…a Pocket Har-Vest for Pocket Dogs and Gasp…CATS!!!!

Build it and they shall come. And in this case, not move.

Some weeks ago a word of mouth client who learned about Har-Vest ordered an XS Har-Vest. Sadly, she returned it (for a full refund) because it was, even as an XS, just too darn big for her little pocket dog.

But my nurtured optimism genes floated to the surface at the reason for the return — a too large XS — nagged at me, and so I went back to the drawing board. I’m thinking, see, well, pocket dogs seem to be increasingly popular as people scale down the size of dogs to literally fit in pockets, little packs or otherwise become an accessory. From the streets of Hollywood to the high rises of Manhattan, and everywhere in between, the pocket dog movement is growing. And while the whims of the fans create potentially dangerous complications for the mini moms pumping out the mini mini pups, I do know many are becoming indispensable aids for their people in positive ways.

Thus earlier this week, all the way from the sewing rooms of my manufacturer, no, not from a slow boat from China, but right here from the sewing stations on my manufacturer’s floor here in Cleveland, Ohio, to my porch in Cleveland Heights, a prototype was delivered. Since I had no pocket dog handy, and I was eager to see it on a live one as opposed to the chicken, I figured it would fit on any of my 3 cats whose general weight and size wise were comparable to the pocket dogs and


Upon fitting the Har-Vest all 3 cats – on Lola, Grace and Byrne, all immediately acted as if they had been shot with tranquilizer guns and didn’t MOVE.



They didn’t complain, they didn’t act concerned, they just lay down and gazed tranquilly at me.

When the Har-Vest came off, all got up and walked about — Grace and Byrne, calmly; Lola with ‘tude. When I put it back on, flop flop and BAM, somnolence for all 3.

So now I need some Crash Test Dummies. If you can slap on a Har-Vest, anaesthetize the cat without chemicals, hasten any medical intervention and avoid over stressing the cat, and then, when it comes off, poof, cat is no longer sedated, I can imagine that would be a really cool thing.

Very cool. So if you want to talk about it, let me know.