Do your dog’s leash manners leave something to be desired? Sign Up for our Dec. 5 Leash Clinic

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2020 may have left many of our routines upended, but one thing that hasn’t changed is your pup’s need for leash manners. Maybe you’re taking this opportunity to engage in longer neighborhood strolls but your dog’s unruly behavior makes it a struggle? Know that you’re not alone. I’ve seen this frustration play out for so many people trying to enjoy a leisurely walk with their dog in my neighborhood, which is why I’m offering a hands-on leash clinic to help. 

If you’re interested in helping your dog develop good leash manners that will take the stress out of daily walks and outings, consider joining me for a two-hour Leash Clinic on Sat., Dec. 5, 1-3 p.m. I’ll share everything you need to know and implement to bring your dog’s behaviors while walking and on leash up to par. No more struggles or constant battles as your dog pulls on the leash, zigs and zags, threatens to trip you or walks off the trail or refuses to keep up. Turn stressful walks into calming jaunts with your pup through our two-hour intensive leash clinic. This class is suitable for both puppies and older dogs. To keep the class personalized and small for proper social distancing, this class is limited to four owners and their dogs, so don’t delay!

The two-hour workshop is $80. Reserve your spot by filling out A Better Pet’s contact form or calling 216-321-7654.