Leap Year Melt

Winter is going on far too long and I notice the ice formation on my poor lilac tree that I depend on in late May to soothe me for a whole week with fragrant flowers. My less horticulturally challenged friends assure me the intrepid little tree will survive to flower another day. But I wonder — as a 4-6″ snow storm is en route to coincide with the Great Cleveland Democratic Presidential Debate being held at CSU here in my fair city tomorrow night — does Great Momma Nature know that an extra day is added to this month? To prolong winter. Delay spring! But I’m not really complaining. Sure a lot of gray skies and cold, snowy winter can get tiresome, but I wouldn’t trade for any less than the four distinct seasons we have here.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t add how my own use of metaphors helps me get through my personal and professional passion — always working on improving relationships — and in this case with my own pack of canines.

Today as we sloshed through still-snow-covered-from-the-last-storm sidewalks, my dogs and I, I looked at how the problems I had previously had when walking all 3 dogs together had melted, like my poor ice covered flora, into a wonderful, harmonious and healthy happy walk and while it may have seemed like some time, the investment has led to a whole new, AND IMRPOVED, outside dog dynamic.