Hot Weather Dip Tips

Soggy though spring has been for many of us, hotter temperatures have arrived. Here we’ve cracked out the kiddie pool and the water play has begun. Perhaps you’ve noticed your perky dog has calmed down and become almost lethargic when temps soar. Use common sense in preventing dehydration, sunburn, heatstroke or other maladies caused by extreme heat.

Avoid leaving dogs in cars on hot days — even parked in the shade and with windows cracked open — it is a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t take long for the inside temperature to soar and dogs do not sweat like people — err on the side of caution. Walk your dog early or late in the day when it’s coolest. Even radiating heat from asphalt or cement can be overbearing to dogs, especially brachycephalic breeds (pugs, shih tzus, English Bulldogs, etc.) Being aware of your pet’s original breed or breed type function might help you better understand his or her reaction to hot weather. And make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water.

Rio, a DIP regular, enjoying the cool of shaded cement.

Here in DIP land we have shaded and sunny spaces; grassy, mulch covered, brick and cement. Plenty of fresh water, other dogs to play with or mingle about and the opportunity to just be free and easy and enjoy the moment.

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