Hippy Trippy Off to Brookstock

Spain has won The World Cup, LeBron has raised the temperature by going to the Miami Heat and local Cleveland boy gone east George Steinbrenner, famed truculent owner of The New York Yankees has died. But summer is in full bloom and in between Dog Dip Playdates, Kitten caretaking and other summer fun stuff, Trip and I are practicing for his upcoming FRISBEE DEMOS coming soon to a groovy place and it’s FREE.

Yes, Cleveland, Ohio’s own hippy dippy music fest

Brookstock – A Celebration of Music & Nature [and sporty dogs]is happening Saturday, July 17 from 2 – 8:30 p.m. at the
Brookside Valley Event Site at the Brookside Reservation.

I’ll be there with Trip playing frisbee, Bean being eye candy, and stuff you can buy if you want. And there will be other vendors, a variety of food, and a promising weather report.  Come for a bit or the whole day — hope to see you there.

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Kids Twelve and Under Contest to get food!