Here we go again…where did the time go?

Since my last posting summer faded into fall with the requisite change of light, change of leaves (i.e., falling off the trees) and fun holidays like Halloween and just recently passed, Thanksgiving. Black Friday has come and tomorrow is what they’re calling Cyber Monday

For the past few months I have been retooling a website (to be launched soon!…that will certainly elicit a blog entry) and coming up with early New Year’s Resolutions (one to be a more consistent blogger).

I have started walking the dogs more and enjoying it immensely. We went from our old workhorse of a car

to my new A Better Pet Mobile…..

Har-Vest’s are in stock, including a new XS size I’m quite proud of (the speed we went from concept to mock up to prototype to delivery of finished product was less than two months — a far shorter period than the four years it’s taken to get to the same point with the other Har-Vest’s!

Here are all the styles and colors currently available.

Now to get the little piggies to market!
I’m off for a nice crisp fall walk….certainly more to follow.