Garden Redux • Measuring Change

Exactly two months have passed since the garden was planted and things are certainly blooming under hot, sunny, and watery conditions. The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye and the teepee is producing zucchini, beans, peas and shade. The squash, peppers, corn,tomatoes and other stuff are coming soon.

I always have trouble remembering that if you plant something it grows. I do know the plant needs water and sunshine. I know because I have often had what I affectionately referred to as “the curse of the black thumb”. Fortunately I know how to care for dogs.

Speaking of dogs, and our society’s “want it now” attitude, I use my own burgeoning knowledge that yes, plants do grow (as evidenced by pictures taken over time) and apply it to measuring change in my dogs’ or client’s dogs’ ability to learn, over time and with practice, improved behaviors.

If you create a goal, figure out the way to achieve the steps towards that goal, and factor in the time element, you can come up with new things to teach your dog for fun (i.e.,dancing) and function (i.e.,coming when called).