Eye Contact: Love Or Betrayal

True love is prolonged and relaxed eye contact.

Open, bright, relaxed and focused. Eye contact like this is a sign of love of a dog for a person. Dog love is a combination of nature and nurture. But even if nature short changed a pup, and nurture before you met, you can create the trust to get it from your own dog. The benefit of which eases a benevolent partnership with more potential and less effort. It is earned, then practiced.

Avoidance, pupil dilation, large showing of eye whites — all point to signs of distrust, betrayal and poor connectivity. It’s not just about a commercial day of love. It’s a day in day out. Even when you’re cranky, tired, “not in the mood”, or distracted.

Fortunately, with Bubbles, her unrelenting trust and eye contact — in evidence from the moment I met her a month ago — and now effortlessly ongoing — makes me feel like Buttercup to her Westley!

If you want a quick and easy way to develop and continue eye contact in your own wary pooch, or are aware of certain circumstances where eye contact disappears, let me know details and I’ll offer you a surefire quick fix.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the crew of A Better Pet LLC