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It’s been years in the making. The multiple disparate steps from idea to now. See a need for a multiple function, well made, durable working dog no-pull harness and vest combo to aid in training service dog pups in your care.  Can’t find it doing the usual searches. Envision it. Dream about it. Create it. Design it. Proto type it. Test drive it. Refine it. Get help from your county to help fund further development. Find a local manufacturer. Try to prevent him from taking advantage of your non manufacturing expertise. Have great resolve. Continue. Apply for a patent. Refine again. And again. Find a more ethical manufacturer. Vow to keep your product manufactured not just in U.S., but in your own hometown. Get awarded a U.S. patent. Become an official inventor. Pat self on back. Get over it. Scratch together money to make inventory and start to market. Realize marketing is not your thing. Hire someone. Forget to check off sociopath box and lose money, time and inventory. Realize hiring staff is not your thing either. Continue to train dogs. Continue to try to market.  Keep caring for 3 growing daughters as single parent. Start to use Har-Vest with more and more pet dog training clients. See some remarkable results in Har-Vest’s ability to help calm the overbearing and help the overwhelmed dog feel more confident. Aids in training for so many things — leash manners, basic manners. Being calmer around distractions that trigger “bad” behavior. Har-Vest sells itself to over 90% of clients who try it. Take video clip after video clip. Realize editing is also not your thing. Safely store video for another day. Remember training dogs and helping people learn how to train their dogs is your thing. Slowly, word of mouth, Har-Vest starts to sell. Local. Regional. National. International. Produce more. Decide to split Har-Vest from A Better Pet LLC and now, mid December 2013, the dream is realized. So. Welcome to the new Har-Vest website. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and buy Har-Vest for you, your friends, your friends’ friends. I have another run in production. Six colors.

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