Video Trailers — Dog Training Fall 2013

I’ve been immersed in English Springer Spaniel Service Dog Training fun these past many months and couldn’t be prouder of the trio — Blazer, Ella and Beau. Diminutive little Lexi, a maltese/yorkie mix, rounds out the mix into a quartet of dogs who are being socialized, trained, reinforced and encouraged to provide a variety of functions for their individual people. The following 4 trailers were generated to give a little taste of the progress to date. Enjoy!

First up, Blazer, 3rd cousin to Bean, from lovely New Jersey in his first film event

Next, the Tale of Ella Claire

Together with Beau, the puppies grow and learn

Followed by young Sofia’s determination and passion to help transition her pet dog Lexi into a fully functional service dog


Stay tuned for coming attractions!

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