Super Puppies – SEVEN WEEKS OLD!

New to outside world, taking to it with ease and confidence.

The Super Puppies — Tribble, Shamrock and Pixie have left babyhood. All 3 are now speed dialing through the early stages of puppyhood and readying themselves to be partnered in the near future with their as yet unknown people. (ANYONE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE PROSPECTIVE SERVICE DOGS SHOULD EMAIL [email protected] and let me know what it is you’re looking for and seeing if we should go on to the next step.)

For those following in their adventures — In the past week from 6 to 7 weeks they have accomplished more than I could have imagined. All three have been fitted with collars and adjusted beautifully. They come when called, they are starting to sit, they have shown me their athletic prowess by going up and down stairs weeks before previous puppies I have raised have accomplished such a feat. Including mastering the dog door (see video). They are eating well, nearly fully weaned although they still nurse 1-2/day. House training is going very well — while they still do occasionally pee inside, it is on surfaces that they have been conditioned towards that clean up easily. They are now going outside 5-6 times per day in order to learn outside is for pottying, exploring the world and being introduced very early to snow! I am so proud of this trio and cannot wait to see what the next week brings as the nights continue to lengthen as we hurl towards the winter solstice.

Precocious Super Puppies Blow Me Away from Rachel Friedman on Vimeo.