Super Puppies 10 Weeks Old and Readying for Next Steps


Franny & The Triplets Xmas 2018

The Super Puppies are just over 10 weeks old and spending their last days together as a trio under my roof. From birth to now the puppies have exploded in their abilities and unique personalities. All 3 are crate trained, sleep through the night, are 90% house broken, go up and down ALL steps of house, in/out dog door, come when called, sit, stay and continue to develop poise, stamina, strength and sass. They’ve all had a few car trips and have visited others away from my home. They take their meals and snacks from bowls, frozen kongs, dispensing food toys and gently from hands. They all love children.

Their extraordinarily happy and safe puppyhood start will serve them well as they forge their individual new paths. Although at times it can be a bit chaotic having such a horde of active puppies underfoot, along with 1/2 sister Summer, it is temporary and it’s more amazing and fun than daunting and overwhelming.

What a posse!


Current status:  Pixie has been assigned her future job (stay tuned for updates on that) and is moving into a puppy raising home for a month or so just after the new year begins under my careful supervision; I’m keeping Shamrock underfoot for another couple of weeks to assess his best future.


Tribble with her momma.

And I have decided to let Tribble go as a pet dog as I simply don’t have enough time to support the training for too many pups at once. If you or someone you know is interested in a fantastic companion puppy, Tribble is ready to go. Her purchase price includes training and, if local, lifetime membership to DIP (Drop in Play). 

Starting the sorting through hundreds of photos and video clips of the Puppy Adventure with an eye towards documenting this extraordinary dog journey to help illustrate how significant both nature (the genetics) and nurture (the care) is for creating a stable, confident, sound, sturdy and wonderful representations of the breed – English Springer Spaniel – which, for me, is the breed that has me at hello every time.  Stay tuned for updates of the triplets on the other side of the new year.