My Newest Project – Introducing Tink

The longer and warmer days of summer make puppy raising wholly wonderful, especially when you bring aboard a very well bred and socialized golden retriever from a proven breeder.

Meet Tink, my latest project. This diminutive bundle of light blond fluff elicits smiles wherever she goes. She arrived by plane on the shores of the North Coast of Cleveland on May 25 in my arms. In the past 11 days she has grown a wee bit, integrated well into my pack of four dogs & 3 cats — and had successful outings to grocery stores, banks, other people’s homes, movie at a movie theater, lots of car rides (fantastic in car), and meeting countless people. As I have gotten to know her calm and steady nature, I feel she has the potential to go into a variety of placements with great success:

autism service dog       psychiatric service dog     facility dog (a meeter/greeter spreading calm soft charm and love and affection)

If you or someone you knows would like to learn more about service dog training provided here at A Better Pet LLC, please READ THIS FIRST and email info@abetterpetcom and put TINK in subject heading.



stay tuned for more updates on Tink.

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