Family Reunions

Extended family get togethers are often fraught with highs and lows and can revolve around events (weddings, funerals, graduations, anniversaries) or just time to visit the hometown for the far flung. When out of towners bring their dogs in tow it’s always hoped there is a welcome place for the canines to visit too. Prepare your dog for visiting or being visited upon by socializing your dog as often as possible. You might notice your dog is more protective of its home turf, even if only for a few moments, than it might be when going somewhere else. Reinforce what you like with praise, treats, belly rubs and other positives, and manage where it seems to be needed. There’s nothing like an unwelcome growl to put a damper on an ol’ family reunion. And just like hooking up with adult siblings or cousins, don’t assume from one visit or opportunity that might not have gone smoothly, that it’s necessarily destiny to be repeated.

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