(Lakewood) Dog Park Trials and Tribulations

I spend a lot of time proselytizing the benefits of early, frequent and positive dog socialization. This not only includes the sights, sounds, scents and surfaces of a young dog’s home and surrounding environment, but a wider range of the world. This definitely includes frequent and varied dog/dog interactions, year round, irregardless of weather conditions [written while suffering through an early summer heat wave!]. My whole reason for developing DROP IN PLAY (DIP) was to create a nurturing, safe and supervised environment to help young puppies learn proper play and to help older, perhaps socially “retarded” perhaps learn some belated social skills. Playing lifeguard and preventing bullying as well as providing a stimulating and dog friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Warming up to "bark" like a maniac.

I recently had the challenge to take Trip, my athletic and activity loving JRT on a what was for the graying boy a fantasy adventure [Bean came to be eye candy and graze] come true.

After spending a life long effort (Trip will be 9 this September) to help reduce the diminutive terrier’s shrill barking when aroused, I was hired by a Vibration and Sound Consulting Firm to produce a steady stream of barking — over & over & over again in different locations — for a sound study being conducted pending a lawsuit between the cities of Rocky River and Lakewood, Ohio over the Lakewood Dog Park. I had a week and a half to work on getting Trip to bark on cue — and for sustained amounts of time in new environments.

Needless to say, Trip rose to the occasion despite the heat and humidity of the day and the dusty gravelly surface of the park. I couldn’t have been prouder of his ability to bark bark bark on cue over and over for the study.

Here’s a video of real dogs in action at the Lakewood Dog Park:

Can you see the dog park from High Parkway? I couldn’t!

Stay tuned for legal outcome. Trial coming soon!